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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

[TAG] This or That

Hi everyone!

To tide all of you over between my makeup posts, I've decided to do a little makeup tag for all of you!  I'm busy swatching and gearing up to film/edit two more videos for my YouTube channel in the next week.  PLUS PLUS PLUS! EXCITING NEWS! I got a Canon T4i for my birthday!  I can't believe I turned 24... Ugh. Anyway, I convinced my dad that the camera would be the best way to celebrate my entrance into the "golden" year or "黃金年" as they refer to it in Chinese.  Supposedly this is the year where you're supposed to be in your prime :P

I'm so excited to be able to improve the quality of my photos particularly the swatches because I, for one, always base part of my decisions to purchase certain products based on clear and good quality pictures of swatches done by other gurus/bloggers.  I'm always ready to improve and this will definitely be the next step! YAY!

Anywho, onto the actual tag.  This is a tag that I found from Straight Up Glam: here
I thought it was pretty interesting :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

[TUTORIAL] Neutral Smokey Eye

Hi everyone!

This is so exciting! I finally got my second tutorial up! I've been trying to push myself to get better at updates but sadly work usually gets in the way.  Initially, I've been using my friend Ivan's camera who's generous enough to let me use his set up :)  But scheduling doesn't always work out since we're both people with busy lives. 

Hopefully when my new camera arrives, this will help fill in the gaps in between the times we actually get to film using the set up.  Plus the new enclosed patio at my house is almost complete!  It's almost like a built in shooting studio although I'll definitely need a backdrop to counteract the forest green paint my mom chose for the wall, lol.

In any case,  I chose this look to do for my second tutorial because this is my favorite go-to makeup look for practically any occasion.  A casual girls' night out, date night, or just getting a little dressed up.